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Tasty Concessions, Attractive Prices!

Popcorn Machine Rental:
This 48" tall, circus-style cart will be the hit of every party. The unit up to 2-Quarts of movie-house-quality popcorn per batch. Despite its old-fashioned street-corner look, the Circus Cart Popcorn Maker is designed for use in your home so you can prepare hot, fresh popcorn anytime. It features a large, stainless-steel kettle with a built in stirring system and kernel catcher to keep out the unpopped kernels.

1. Old Fashion Popcorn Machine w/Cart
2. 50 Small Popcorn Bags
3. Two 6 oz. Popcorn Seed Packets

Available upon request:

1. Additional 6 oz. Popcorn Seed Packets $5.00 each
2. Popcorn Glaze (select from the following) $10.00 each

Cherry-Pink, Grape-Purple, Chocolate, Blue-Raspberry, Caramel,Red-Cinnamon
Snow Cone Machine Rental:
This full size, 53" tall metal snow cone cart will be the hit of every party! Simply put ice cubes in the shaving cage, turn the unit on, and watch as down comes perfectly shaved, fluffy snow. Add your choice of flavored syrup and you can enjoy the wonderful, cool taste of snow cones anytime in the convenience of your own home. Fun for the whole family and a great relief for hot weather! Keep your cones and favorite flavor syrups in the storage area for added convenience.

Fashion Snow Cone Machine w/Cart
50 Snow Cone Cups
Rental of two Plastic Syrup Bottles (one per flavor)
2 ee-zee concentrate flavor packets (makes 1 gallon of syrup)
Strawberry, Cherry, Grape, Orange, Lime, Blue-Raspberry, Watermelon, Bubble-Gum

Available upon request:
50 Spoon Straws $5.00
Additional concentrate flavor packets $5.00 per flavor
50 Additional Snow cone cups $5.00

The cost of rental per day is:

$65 for one machine
$115 for two machines
$135 for three machines
Additional days:

$45 for one machine
$65 for two machines
$80 for three machines
Rental costs per day with bounce house rental is:

$50 for one machine
$90 for two machines
$105 for three machines
Additional services/fees include:

Concession Delivery (drop-off/pick-up)** $35.00 Employee to run Machine $15.00/Hour Any selected additional items not include in machine rental (as listed above in the item rental descriptions).

If the Concessions are returned Dirty there is a $50.00 to be cleaned. Do not use water to clean out the inside of the cotton candy machines. Use water to clean out the bowls and the actual units.

** Delivery Fee is included in Salt Lake County, free of charge, when concession rental is paired with a bounce house rental.

Bounce House Delivery: Delivery is for Salt Lake County. Milage is calculated at $2.25 per mile outside Salt Lake County.. Example: Delivery to Layton is 46 miles - 25 Free miles = 21 miles. 21 miles X $2.25 Mileage rate = Delivery Charge is $57.25